• Angela Cameron

Biggest Event Planning Questions

Wondering where to begin when planning an event? We have your biggest event planning questions answered.

Do I pick a theme?

Yes! A theme can be as simple as a color scheme. Consider the type of event you are planning: birthday, corporate, shower, celebration? If the event is for one person, think about their personality and what would reflect their interests. With general events it’s better to stick to uniform color palettes and overall aesthetic.

What do I ask vendors?

Cover the basics. You want to research vendor and read recent reviews. When you contact vendor for your event, ask about their team size, event arrival times, and what equipment they bring or need.

What details do I need to remember?

Once you have the basics down (venue, food, and seating) determine if you need any details for the event such as entertainment, presentation materials for a speaker, or gift bags for guests to take home.

What questions do you have? Any upcoming events you are planning? Share below!

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