• Angela Cameron

You’re Engaged! Tips to Start Planning the Wedding


You said yes and now the excitement of planning a wedding has begun! Before making too many decisions, take a moment to organize your thoughts and inspiration. From a planner’s perspective, we have tips on how to get started.

Choose a date. Your first step should be to choose your wedding date. This will be your launching point so you can inquire to venues and other vendors. If you aren’t set on one date, choose a weekend or time frame when you start looking at venues and they can let you know their availability, which could help your decision.

Set a budget. Know how much money you’re working with! Decide this number right away so you’re not blowing your budget on anything too soon.

Form a guest list. Venues and vendors will initially ask you how many guests you are expecting so they can determine if they are going to be a good fit. Start writing down names until you have an estimate.

Make time for fun! Don’t forget to enjoy yourselves! Book your engagement shoot, throw an engagement party, and soak up the excitement!

What are your biggest concerns now that you’re engaged? Comment below!

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